Sunday, May 22, 2016

May 2016 Prayer Letter

"In the multitude of my thoughts within me thy comforts delight my soul." Psalm 94:19

Our praying friends and family in the Lord,

Years ago, Pastor Fred Potter preached a message from Philippians chapter four that he entitled, "Something to Think About." He related that the Lord Jesus is the source of all the true, honest, just, pure, He related that the Lord Jesus is the source of all the true, honest, just, pure, and lovely things we know, and that of all the things of good report, He is the best. To think on Him is the best preoccupation of one's mind. Such is life, however, that the cares of this world seek to crowd out the loveliness of our Lord. It is a struggle, therefore, but one well rewarded, to think on Him. Our meditations of Him are a steadying force in an uncertain world. To think on Him is to seek comfort and obtain delight. "My meditation of him shall be sweet: I will be glad in the LORD." Psalm 104:34

This past Sunday, I was again in Zlatna Niva, worshiping with fellow believers there. Before service began, two ladies entered, one a regular attendee, one a first-time visitor. The visitor was introduced to all and was welcomed heartily. We began our song service, and soon, through the singing, hearts were opened and tears flowed freely. The visitor sat stunned, wide eyed, and appeared bewildered. As she gazed upon us, she began wiping tears from her own eyes. At the conclusion of the service, while others were leaving, she remained behind, as if rooted in place. Silent through the entire meeting, now she began to sob and talk simultaneously. She testified that she didn't understand what was happening to her, her heart was full to bursting; she had never felt anything like it or heard anything so amazing. She embraced all the women, and weeping tears of new joy, departed. Thank God His presence and the sincere praises of His people are still sufficient to draw sinners to the Savior.

Özlem is a beautiful 9-year-old girl who lives in the village of Staro Oryahovo. Her mother, Ahsi, is one of our faithful church members. A few years ago, when the devil came against the meeting there, Ahsi and her sister, P'ska, were some of the few who stayed true, opening their hearts to God and the doors of their houses to what was left of the church. Özlem grew up in that meeting, loves it, and gives herself to the hymns. Last year, when everyone was readying to go to Romania to our bi-annual Turkish camp meeting, Özlem threatened that if we didn't take her, she would pray car trouble on us and storms the whole journey. She won, and went. Recently we learned one of the cults had moved into the village and was trying to recruit children with the promise of games and candy. Özlem's friend invited her, saying, "Come to our meeting, we have candy for you." Özlem responded, "Come to our meeting, we have Jesus!", "...Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise..." Matthew 21:16

Praise God, the Lord is still working here; though the laborers are few, the labors are increasing. We have installed all the windows and doors in our printing facility in Avren. This week we've been preparing the roof to set the tiles. We'll soon be ready for rewiring and plumbing. Once the roof is tiled, Bro. Ralph will move all of the copiers and printing supplies in, and we'll begin in earnest the printing of New Testaments. Please remember this endeavor. Printing is costly, averaging $1,000 a month, but it's our desire to make the word of God available to all who want it. In addition to printing, we want to begin streaming our Turkish services in Avren, to go where we haven't been as yet, and as supplements to existing meetings, but not in place of them; there is no substitute on earth for the local church. To do this, we are in need of a technology update, a laptop and camera capable of the task. Please help us pray and believe for all of these needs to be met. One more prayer request, not as urgent, but growing so: Our car has been in and out of the shop quite a bit recently, with little problems and big. The rough village roads and long miles are taking their toll, not to mention packing it to capacity with believers bound for meetings. Please help us pray for a replacement. This isn't just our ministry vehicle; this is our only vehicle. Praise God, He knows all of our needs and is the source of all of our hopes and joys. God bless you all. We love and miss you.

Because of a living Saviour,

The William LeFevre Family