Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 2014 Prayer Letter

"And I am sure that, when I come unto you, I shall come in the fulness of the blessing of the gospel of Christ." Romans 15:29

Our praying friends and family in the Lord,

The good Lord willing, we will be returning to the States on March 4th for a four-month furlough, departing again on July 8th. We hope while there to see as many of you as we can. If any of you pastors would like us to come by, please drop a line and let me know. Our personal email is at the bottom of the prayer letter, as well as our mission board phone number.

I have begun attending Pastor Ahmet's churches again, assisting him in whatever capacity I am able. On Monday we head up the coast to Balchik, a little seaside resort town with a large gypsy population. Ahmet's father was from Balchik, and in his travels, he found and married a village girl and then settled down to raise a family in her village. Over the course of time, he succumbed to drink and became the village drunk. Still, when his wife became a believer, he told her he would make a room for the church to meet in their house. The church met there, prayed for him, and over time he, too, came to know the Lord, abandoning his drink. Shortly before he died, he told his son, whom he had seen saved and called into the ministry, that by faith the Lord would one day open a meeting in Balchik, that his family might have the same opportunity to hear the truth and be saved as he did. Several years passed until one day Ahmet's aunt fell sick. She knew her nephew often made trips into Romania, passing through Balchik on his way, and asked him to stop in and pray for her. This he did, and the Lord heard his prayers and healed his aunt. When his other family saw the miraculous change in his aunt and heard her testimony, they opened up the family home and invited Ahmet to begin regular meetings. A few years have passed now, and many of Ahmet's extended family have trusted the Lord Jesus as Savior. Two weeks ago, a woman there asked our prayers for her daughter. Her daughter is 28 and has been diagnosed with cancer and given two months to live. Please help us pray that God would be glorified in this need.

On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, we travel to the Balkans. There Ahmet has ten meetings. I leave from Varna a little after 6:30 in the morning and usually return late in the evening. Our farthest meeting is in Vezenkovo, a good three and a half hours from home. There eight or ten people come together every Friday morning to sing, pray and listen to the word of God proclaimed. The woman of the house prayed for ten years to have a baby. She is now pregnant with her third and asking the Lord that this be her last. Ahmet told her, "Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it." Every Friday after meeting, the family sets before us whatever they have to eat, in appreciation for our efforts on their behalf. I can't imagine how the Lord will one day reward these poor gypsy believers who give in love out of their lack.

Pray for us as we travel. Pray for Ahmet that God supplies his need. And pray for the poor gypsy Turks, that many, many more would come to know the Lord.

Also, please help us pray about transportation while we're in the States. We need the use of a reliable vehicle able to stand the wear and tear of frequent road trips while we're home. The Lord knows were they are: pray I have the faith to facilitate one.

Because of a living Saviour,

The William LeFevre Family