Monday, May 14, 2012


Howdy Everybody,

Just a quick update to let you all know what's going on with our family.

After one year on the mission field (as of March), we are more excited today about the Lord's work here, and the Lord's working in our lives than when we first arrived.  The first year we spent in the village of Dabravino (in the home of Missionary Matthew Welch, my father-in-law) forty minutes from the Black Sea.  The first six months we took care of his home while he was away on furlough; the last six months we lived and worked together.  We are so very thankful for the Welches' hospitality; we couldn't have asked for better or more patient hosts.

While Bro. Matt was on furlough, I went to meetings with national pastor Hasan.  Bro. Hasan had 8 churches he looked after weekly.  Sadly (for us), the Lord took Hasan home in 2011.  Upon Bro. Matt's return, he resumed going to Bro. Hasan's meetings, leaving me free to go with another national.  So, for the next six months I attended meetings with our next door neighbor, Bro. Alish.  Alish is a strong young preacher.  He is one of the best Turkish nationals in this work.  It was both a privilege and a learning experience being with him.

At the end of last month we moved out to the village of Zlatna Niva, about an hour West of where we were living.  My brother Zachary took his family back to the States for a much needed furlough, and we agreed to look after his portion of the work as well as his home while he was away.  Now I am traveling with Pastor Alish the elder (at present, he is the oldest national pastor, where Alish from Dabravino was the youngest).  Alish the elder has at present seven meetings he preaches at.  Alish's family have taken us in, and really made us a part, not only of the work in this area, but also their family.  On Sundays I also drive an hour farther West to Targovishte to be with Pastor Nasuf for his Sunday morning services.  Presently pastor Nasuf has a number of young people attending worship service and testifying regularly.

My language studies continue, and I slowly continue to improve.  I am able to understand more than I speak, but am also able to make myself understood.  Since going with Alish the elder, I have been reading a passage of scripture every service, and giving brief testimonies.

Presently, the boys, Hannah and I are all in good health.  The boys have recovered well from their bouts with pneumonia in the Winter.  We are all enjoying life here in Zlatna Niva.  This September Carrick will begin preschool here.  He will be attending with other Bulgarian and Turkish children, so hopefully he'll get the fundamentals of the language.  He's a sharp little boy.  His Momma's been teaching him sign language, so now when he awakes in the morning he signs he's thirsty instead of shouting it.  Hannah's pretty sharp too for teaching him to sign!  Christian (the Turks call him Kristi) is happy, healthy, and a handful.  We love them both; they bring unimaginable joy into our lives.

Please keep us in your prayers.  While at Zach's we need to begin looking for a more permanent dwelling (we can't always house sit for missionaries on furlough).  Please join us in praying the Lord will direct us to where we need to live and minister.  We've no doubt that where ever he leads he will supply our needs; but please help us believe God.

We love and miss you all.  God bless you.

William LeFevre and family

PS - If anyone's interested in hearing about the work first hand, my brother Zachary, veteran missionary here for over 15 years, would be more than happy to stop by.  He's on furlough through January, Lord willing.  His cell number is: 931-952-9194  You can also reach him via email at